At a Crossroads? ... Turn Left

It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve always done.

But ask yourself this-

Are those efforts helping your business to be where you want it to be?

Turn Left helps companies with brand awareness, clarity and strategic direction.

Through leadership and a strong understanding of both sales and marketing

We customize solutions to work with

your time, budget and resources

and get you where you need to be.

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Brand Development & Training

From naming companies and creating your corporate identity to re-branding and brand awareness training, we’ve got you covered. Set the right habits with your staff from the beginning and watch your brand grow.


Creating Fans of Your Brand

Today more than ever, fans drive brand success. Learn tactics to leverage social channels, marketing automation and customer loyalty programs that spread the love of your brand.

Spark Some Interest

There are times that it helps to have an outside influence create a spark within your organization. A new approach can be exciting and refreshing. From campaign strategy to creative ways to motivate your customers to take action- we’re here for you.


Growing Your Business Can Be Delicious

Your sales and marketing teams should grow together. If you don’t have the strategy in place you’re harvest may be less than expected. Learn how to nurture leads and track progress on marketing initiatives and sales progress.


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Having more than 17 years of sales and marketing success allows SuzAnn to have a unique understanding for both brand and sales achievement. She has consulted with hundreds of companies over the last 2 decades as a consultant, as an owner of Launchpad Interactive and as a sales and marketing leader including roles as Sales and Marketing Director, CMO and more for companies from start-up phase to Fortune 500. SuzAnn combines her sales and marketing know-how to create action focused strategies that start with messaging and branding and carry through lead generation initiatives and sales assets.

When you need it the most, SuzAnn becomes the “Mary Poppins of Marketing”, assessing your brand impact, customizing your marketing strategy and helping you to create a foundation before you hire your next high paid employee. She can even help you to source and fill her spot once you’re ready to bring everything in-house.